A bird I am….

A bird I am…made up of hope and ambitions,
A bird I am…made up of dreams and emotions.
A bird I am who wishes to fly,
A bird I am who wants to soar high above in the sky.
A bird I am who wishes to travel places unexplored,
A bird I am who wishes to hear stories untold.
A bird I am who dreams of meeting the unknown,
A bird I am who struggles to get out of this human zone.
A bird I am who has been given wings,
A bird I am who has been conditioned to let go of these dreamy rings,
A bird I am who feels strangulated in this cage,
A bird I am who will someday,  fly away in a rage.
A bird I am whose wings have been ripped,
A bird I am whose dreams have been clipped.
A bird I am who shall soon die chained,
A bird I am who shall count her last breath in vain.


Little more…little less

The more happy I look on the outside,
The more broken I am inside.
The merrier, the look i display,
My depressed heart within, shrieks its pain.
The more I scream my wishes,
The more unheard it goes into the universe.
The less I showcase my emotions,
The less my turmoil gets onto my nerves.
Months after months and nothing changes,
Nothing much happens but time flies by.
Promises, assurances, false hopes engulf my life,
Letting go of things is something, that has become my stride.
Complaining of depression and an urge to seek an escape route,
I have been trying for long and ultimately my own mind I pollute.
“No going out”,  is always the final verdict,
So I here I am abiding to your rule.
For you can trap my body,
But my soul is destined to go beyond the limits!!

My Superman!!

U were my day
U were my night
U were my shadow… Dancing in the pale moon light.
U were my hope
U were my guide
With you, I always knew…everything would be alright.
U were my confidence
U were my influence
U were my peace…that eventually ceased
Things were great, when we were together…
They took a toll when u found another,
Just one moment and u decided to leave,
No reasons…no goodbyes,
Let me tell you… You accomplished this task with ease!
This is just to let u know…
I abide by my words…
No matter what u do…How you behave,
Your love is something for which I will always crave,
Even if things go blue….
Just remember my SUPERMAN… I love you.




Love…A troubled Paradise

Love is a beautiful feeling. Isn’t it? Be it for your mother or your special someone…it has different shades to it. Being in love is like being in a paradise but is it a troubled paradise or not is upto us.  People say it is the best feeling one can ever have but it could be the opposite too… After every rain, the sun shines and after every day there is night. Love for someone can never be the same. It changes with time. It is never constant. You may never feel the same for a person for a long time. You may either end up loving them more with every passing day or it would gradually fade away with time.

Love has the power to make you and to break you. It can fill your world with colours of passion and happiness or it can drown you to the deepest core leaving you gloomy and hopeless. When affection towards someone fills you with a blast of positivity, hope and security you do not even expect in your wildest dreams the ray of love vanishing. Even the thought of not having them in future sends chills down your spine. Forget reality, you would not even want it as a nightmare. Isn’t it?

You must be thinking I am a girl with a broken heart who has recently gone through a terrible breakup and I am here to cry my heart out. But let me tell you…YOU ARE WRONG! Yes, I did suffer from a lost relationship but the person was not my boyfriend or my crush, he was my brother. One whom I loved a lot. He was my human diary (I guess this explains it all). We guys were very very close and then one fine day, he got married. I knew that the bond would remain untouched and his priorities would change. Somehow, I was prepared for it.

But I had little idea that things would change so fast. Earlier, we were inseparable. Talking daily was not a routine but it was a necessity. A necessity that demanded love and care. It was when he got married that equations changed. One fine day, without any explanations, he kicked me out of his life. I wasn’t prepared for this scenario. I made efforts on my part but he remained unaffected. Gradually, I accepted it. Though I used to miss him terribly, I knew, I couldn’t share it with anyone.

16th April 2017, was the last time he talked to me over phone and since then, I guess he never bothered. Let alone a phone call, I did not even receive a text message! It took time and I came out of it. I have lost all hope that things would get back to way they were. It’s 22nd July 2017 today. It has been 3 months and 4 days since I have heard his voice.

My phone rang today. It was him. I couldn’t receive it the first time but I did the second time. It took a few moments for me to digest that it was his number…it was him calling. I couldn’t feel anything. It was like as if all those emotions within me were dead…buried deep…so deep that it couldn’t be awakened. We talked for a few minutes and I knew that the bond had lost its warmth…it wasn’t like before.

When I said “bye”, he said “bye” but I could sense that expectation in his voice that I would pull his leg and things would bounce back. I knew it would not happen from my side this time. The abrupt cut off had me vulnerable. It had made me weak…but know when I think about it, I feel it has made me strong. Stronger than before.

Love has the power…It is powerful enough to make you and break you. Believe me, when it breaks you, it hits you hard…very hard and it makes you back stronger than before only if you decide to face it.

Thank You…

Thank u for being there when I needed you the most,

Thank u for being there with your heart and soul.

Thank u for taking care of me even though you were far,

Thank u for being my light when life was dark.

Thank u for the numerous moments for being the reason behind my smile,

Thank u for the uncountable times we fought be it even for a while.

Thank u for being by my side,

Thank u for being my guide.

Thank u for being my pillow,

Thank u for being there through the high and the low.

Thank u for all those days and those sleepless nights,

Thank u for those memories and those silly fights.

Thank u for those promises and good wishes,

Thank u for those riches and kisses.

Having you is a blessing which I can never express,

No matter what I say…I know I have failed to impress…

This is not to make u feel good but to let u know how much u mean to me,

Though I don’t express it anymore it is evident…Can’t you see….?

I love you a lot and I miss u even more,

No matter what I try….this has no cure.

I know I make mistakes but I accept them courageously,

Because I know I have u by side willfully.

Thank u for keeping your promises u made to me,

Thank u for turning out to be everything…u promised me u would never be……

P.S.  #Majormissingbhaiya#loveyoubhaiya


Ankahe Alfaaz…

Ek ajeeb si bechaini hai,

Na jane kis cheez ka gham hai,

Kal tere chale jaane ka,

Ya agle aane waale saal ka…

Ye kaisa anjaana ehsaas hai,

Tu chala jayega is baat ka..

Ya mai bas yahi reh jaungi is anchaha khwab ka…?

Kyu ye mayushi hai khabar nai,

Milo ke faasle hone ka..

Ya is kadar tujhse rubaru ho..juda hone ka…?

Kyu ye aankho me nami si chaai hai,

Itne pal saath guzarne ki khushi hai wajah..

Ya chand lamho baad bichadne ki haqueeqat hai…?

Chal pada naye safar par tu,

bas tanhai si ab reh gayi hai,

Tujhe paakar kho rahi hu..

Bata is baat me kitni sacha hai…?

Zyada kuch nai..bas itni si chahat hai meri,

Hamesha sajti rahe chehere pe ye hasi teri,

Zikar ho jab bhi mera..to khil uthe wo hasi teri,

Roshan ho chehera tera aur chamak uthe aankein teri,

Tu ho aasman mera aur zameen ban jau mai teri….


​Is it my mistake….? 

They are over concerned about me,
Is it my mistake? 

They are over possessive about me, 

Is it my mistake? 

There is always a NO on their lips, 

Is it my mistake? 

They always want me to be close to them, 

Is it my mistake? 

They don’t allow me to go anywhere, 

Is it my mistake? 

They gave birth to me, 

Is it my mistake? 

The society chops off my wings, 

Is it my mistake? 

I am looked down upon, 

Is it my mistake? 

I am underestimated and treated naive, 

Is it my mistake? 

All the places away from home are not safe, 

Is it my mistake? 

The boys and men…rape and molest… 

Is it my mistake? 

I have my dreams, 

Is it my mistake? 

I want to be independent, 

Is it my mistake? 

I always wanted to be your son, 

Is it my mistake? 

I want to be your pride,

Is it my mistake? 

I am a girl…and this is my mistake….